luni, 24 februarie 2014


Reversed subsided

Longing crossed by twitched enigma
Beseeched by the arrow which stings a tinge
Wide gasping and an eternal missent

All retangled in great honour, all chiseled
So soft that is begone, so sad mustn’t be drawn
Your empowered feel of the keen serene
Why sought you then which had be thought
A clear whimsical space between…artful
Believe you might just strike again…a blight
Be hopeful, never survive, be grateful and never die
Defectum defleo-courtains drop without a switch
You sight and wander like a child, you fight
Erotic stance and loose default, mactabilis…
Touch, burn and feed-betray yourself and lead!
Squared circles emulating each other, they bleed
You could find me inside of a leaf, a single man to cede
Surrender it might ignite despite of the burnt deceit
Never asks yourself forgiveness of whom you despise
Invent another contemplation, reach your arms behind
Reverse subsided, reversed rivers of no retain
Just Hush inside…